Responsibility for governing the Foundation is vested in a nine member board of trustees elected by the Baptist Missionary Association of America.


Mrs. Marilyn Battles – from Wooster, Arkansas. Marilyn is a retired banker having served as a lender at Bank of America and as Faulkner county Market President at First Service Bank prior to her retirement. She currently serves part-time with the First Service Bank Travel Club.

Mr. Brian Gunnels – from Conway, Arkansas, Brian serves as Director of Operations at Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, AR and formerly served as Senior Vice President of Municipal Trading at Crews & Associates, an Investment Banking firm in Little Rock.

Mr. Steve Martin – from Conway, Arkansas, Steve is retired from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Mr. Greg Matthews – from Magnolia, Arkansas, Greg is a retired Petrochemicals Sales Manager.

Mr. Pat McCown – from Jacksonville, Texas, Pat is owner of wood products companies in East Texas and is a board member of the Texas National Bank.

Mrs. Judy Wallace – from Bald Knob Arkansas. Judy retired from public education after serving as a classroom teacher, Gifted/Talented Director for Wilbur Mills Educational Coop, and as middle school principal at Bald Knob. She now spends her time as a ladies Sunday School teacher, speaker for ladies conferences, and has a passion for discipleship.

Mr. Robert Wellborn – from Jackson, Mississippi, Robert is a retired Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Van Widger – from St. Louis, MO, Van is retired from Bank of America where he worked in computer related technical services and from the Baptist Missionary Association of America Theological Seminary where he served as Business Manager.