Are you tired of living at the mercy of the fluctuating stock market or with the small amount of income received from a certificate of deposit or other similar financial instrument? A charitable gift annuity can provide a secure source of fixed income payments for you.


A charitable gift annuity is a way to make a gift to support various BMA of America ministries through the BMA Foundation.

  1. You transfer cash or stock to the Foundation.
  2. In exchange, you receive a fixed income payment for the remainder of your life. The payment can be quite high depending on your age, and a portion of each payment may be income tax- free.
  3. A written contract between you and the Foundation includes the details of items one and two above.
  4. You will receive an income tax deduction in the year of your gift.
  5. You also receive the satisfaction of knowing you are giving long term support to the Lord’s work.

If you fund your gift annuity with cash, a significant portion of the annuity payment will be tax-free. You may also make a gift of appreciated securities to fund a gift annuity and avoid a portion of the capital gains tax.

Contact Us

Please contact BMA Foundation Executive Director Dr. Steve Crawley at 844-262-8637 or by e-mail [email protected] for annuity rates and other information.